Colour and Image Swatches

Setting up Color and Image Swatches for Global Product Attributes

Color and Image swatches are configured for global product attributes, much the same way that WooCommerce handles adding an image to a Product Category.

Setting up global colors and swatches uses an interface you will be familiar with. It’s recommended that you set up any color or image swatches you will be using over and over in this way. Navigate to Products > Attributes and you will be presented with the following screen:

Create or choose a product attribute set to start configuring the swatches. For more information about setting up and managing Global Product Attributes See Setting up atttributes In the example below we’ve configured a Color attribute and have setup the colors on our existing terms.

When creating a new term for this attribute, you will have the ability to choose a color swatch or image.

When editing an existing term, you will also have the ability to remove or change the swatch information.

Once you have configured your Global Product Attribute Colors and Images you need to enable the swatch picker on each product you would like to use them on. See section 2.2 for instructions on configuring your products to use the pickers.

You also have the option to create color and image swatches on a per product basis, to override the global configuration, or choosing them for product specific attributes.

Setting up Color and Image Swatches Per Product

The first step in using Color and Image swatches is to setup product attributes and configure a variable product. You can use global attributes, per product attributes or a combination of both.

Setting Up Product Variations

Once you have created product variations you will see a new tab on the Product Data area called “Swatches”. This is where we configure the product to use our product attribute colors and swatches, configure product specific colors and images, and optionally override the defaults from a global attribute.

Enabling Global Color and Image Swatches on the Product

Expand the attribute you would like to configure and choose Global Colors and Image Swatches from the Type dropdown. This option will use the swatch configuration you have previously setup for this global attribute. Publish your changes to enable the pickers on the product.

Enabling Per Product Color and Image Swatches

Per Product color and image swatches are used when you need to configure swatches that are different from the global setup, or if you want to add swatches to a per product attribute. Get started by expanding the attribute you want to configure, and choose Custom Colors and Images.

The screen will expand to show you each term that has been configured for the attribute, allowing you to choose a custom color or image for the attribute term. Click on the term to expand the options, allowing you change the settings for this individual item

Configure each term according to your requirements and publish when finished.