Real Estate Agent – Set Up Instructions

Real Agent Real Estate Setup Documentation

Theme Installation

Login into your WordPress dashboard and click on “Appearance” –> “ Themes” tab.
You will have the option to manage existing themes or Install new ones, click on “Install Themes”.
A sub menu with the following options will appear below the main tabs:

Search | Upload | Featured | Newest | Recently Updated

Click on the “Upload” item and you will get the following screen:

Install a theme in .zip format

Click on “Choose File” and locate the purchased file in your PC and then click on “Install Now”.
Preview or Activate the theme and check your website to see the Real Agent Real Estate theme. The theme is now active.

Setting Permissions

Make sure the following folder have “write or 777” permissions for authors and specific images thumbnail creation:

/cache/ (located within the theme)

Image Size

Image sizes are defined by default in Real Agent theme but you also need to setup your “Media” settings in the WordPress administration to tell WordPress to resize all your images to the correct size for the theme.

Click on “Settings–>Media” Tab and add the following values to the 3 image sizes:

Thumbnail: 150×150 Important!

Medium: 300×300

Large: 1024×1024

If you have properties already uploaded, setup up the image sizes and use the free “Regenerate thumbnails” plugin created for this purpose after setting your media size and all images will be resized to the new settings.

General Information

    Agents are to be setup as users/authors
    Each agent needs their own user login to have their own photo and biography info uploaded to the website
    Property listings use the same interface as when you add/edit a Post but you need to click on “Add Listings” in the Post tab to get the Real Estate management module on the page, if you add a regular post, the familiar WordPress interface will be in place without the real estate framework.
    Property listings differ from a standard post because they have the Gorilla Themes Real Estate Framework activated.

Theme Setup Instructions

Real Agent is a very powerful and user friendly theme, but it does require some preparation to get things working.
Following these step-by-step instructions will have you up and running very shortly. Let’s get started.

All CSS edits are in the styles.css (or the previously selected style) unless otherwise noted.

*** To make the following changes you will need to login to your site’s WordPress administration panel. ***

Theme Color Style

Real Agent feature 5 different color styles and you can select and use each one of them in the theme options page.

Click on Appearance>>Theme Options
Select your preferred theme style from the dropdown list and save theme options.


Installing your logo is very easy using the new header upload tool in WordPress 3.0+.

1. Click the Appearance–>Header tab in the dashboard admin menu.
Browse to your image.
Click Upload and your logo or banner will be displayed on the website header.
You can reset-preview-remove your logo from this screen.

Advanced Usage:

1. Look for the #logo element in the CSS file to make any changes to the logo layout


Real Agent Real Estate feature 5 different color styles and you can select them in the Theme Options tab.

Additionally you can add your own background with the new WordPress 3.0

Click on “Appearance”–>”Background” an you will see the custom background setup screen.
There you can select an image or add your own custom color to the background of the website. (you will need to delete the background image from your selected CSS body tag).

Menu Navigation Setup.

Real Agent is fully compatible with the new dynamic menu in WordPress 3.0+, you can build and re-arrange your menu as you please.

Click on “Appearance”–>”Menus” in your WordPress dashboard.
Give your menu a name and click “Save Menu”
Add custom links, pages or categories to the menu and re-arrange them to be top or child menu as you please.
Click save menu and check your website.

Page Template Setup.

Let us setup the main pages of your website so that they are configured properly and display in your menu.

All Properties

1. Page >> Add New
2. Name the page whatever you like.
Select the Properties template from the right sidebar drop down (Page attributes, Template)
Publish page.
All properties will display under this menu item.

Properties for Rent

1. Page >> Add New
2. Name the page whatever you like
Select the For rent template from the right sidebar drop down (Page attributes, Template)
Publish page.
All properties labeled with the “For rent” category will display under this menu item.

Properties for Sale

1. Page >> Add New
2. Name the page whatever you like
Select the For Sale template from the right sidebar drop down (Page attributes, Template)
Publish page.
All properties labeled with the “For Sale” category will display under this menu item.

Page Layout

Real Agent features a page layout changer with left or right sidebar, under the Appearance menu tab click on “Theme Layout” and select your style.

Agent Bio and Information (Name, Twitter, Facebook and Phone)

Entering Biography Information:

1. Click on Users
2. Click on the user you want to edit
3. Within their profile page you will see a section called Biography. Enter the agent’s personal info into this text box.


1. Enter your Facebook ID to display the sidebar Widget


1. Enter your Twitter username to display the sidebar Widget

Agent Name and display name: Enter your desired information for your Agent name.

Phone: Write your Agent phone number.


1. Page >> Add New
2. Name the page whatever you like.
Select the Blog template from the right sidebar drop down (Page attributes, Template).
Publish page.
Blog/News articles will display under this menu item.

Calculator (Financing)

1. Page >> Add New
2. Name the page Calculator
Select the Calculator template from the right sidebar drop down (Page attributes, Template).
Publish page.


1. Ensure you have permalinks correctly.
Go to Settings >> Permalinks >> Select Custom Structure, enter: /%postname%/
2. If your permalinks are not working, make sure you have the .htaccess file in the root of your WordPress installation (not in the theme folder)

Agent Photo

Agents can upload their own images (auto resized for the site) and enter in their own bio information.

Uploading an image:

1. Important: Log in as the agent whose photo you want to upload.
2. Click on the Agent Photo link in the Real Estate admin menu.
3. Browse to your image.
4. Click upload – Done!

Sidebar Widgets

Widgets can be edited under the Appearance >> Widgets page

Recent Posts

This Widget is built in into WordPress and you can just drag-click on the link to make it active.

Search by Tags

This Widget is built in into WordPress and you can just drag-click on the link to make it active.

Multi Category Search

If you are installing the theme in a different language than English and the MultiSearch module does not work correctly please install this plugin … dashboard/ and switch to English language in your admin, setup multisearch and then switch back to your language.

The property search drop downs are a great way to allow your site visitors to display results from a particular category. The idea is to group like-categories together, and then offer all options from within a single drop down. By default, there are 3 dropdowns for you to populate.

Let’s look at an example: Let’s say we want users to display results by price. We therefore would complete the following steps:

1. First step – create your categories. Post >> Categories >> type in a new category in the Category Name textbox

In this example, we will enter $0 – $100,000 as the Category Name.

2. Next create another Category if needed.

Let’s create a few more more to our example: $101,000 – $150,000 and $151,000 – $200,000 and $201,000 and up
Yes – include the dollar sign (or your currency sign) and the dash in the category name.

3. So now we have 4 categories we want to apply to property selector drop down, Let’s assign them to a specific drop down.
4. Click on the Multi Search link from the Real Estate Admin menu.
5. You will notice 3 columns at the top. From left to right they display in the same order as top to bottom on the site. So the far left item, is the top item in the sidebar.
6. Let’s designate the first column on the left to be the Price column to place all of our newly created price categories into. Simply check the boxes next to the categories we just created.
7. When finished, click Submit – to save your changes
Repeat for each of the remaining 2 columns
Your website will be ready to search any combination of selected categories and display the results in a customized page.

Ad Banners

The theme features a top banner for the header and four (4) 125×125, one (1) 300×250 banner for the sidebar and one to header banner. (it is possible to switch from a regular image to your own Adsense code)

Adding banners

1. Go to Appearance >> Theme Options
2. Add your image paths and respective links to the banner ads or add your Adsense code.

Google Maps with street view

This real estate theme has Google Maps integrated into it and the map will display automatically for the property selected. (you will need to add the address to your property listing in order for the map to appear.)
With the addition of the new Google Maps API V3 Real Agent property maps have the option to display Street View to better showcase your listing.
Drag the little “man” yellow icon to the map and you will get the street view of that particular listing.

Managing Property Listings

How to add a listing

Click on Add Listings tab.

2. Give your entry a Title.
3. Within the Post editor, add a description of your property
4. Now scroll down the page until you come across the Real Estate Module Options
Fill-out the various fields about your property.
5. Add a featured thumbnail image ( New in WordPress 3.0) click on the Featured Image link in the right side of the screen and search for your image.

To add a photo gallery to your listing, click on the “Add Media or Add images” icon on the WordPress editor (the icon looks like a little sun) and select the photos in your PC that you want to display in your gallery, when the upload process is done click “save” and you will have all the photos ready to display in listing Photo gallery.

Fill-out the various fields about your property, you can edit and add your own labels if the default ones shipped with the theme are not suited for your market and you can add more fields and labels clicking in the “Add more features” button at the bottom of the Real Estate options. All changes will be reflected automatically in the website.
Finally, place a check mark next to the categories that your property will be published. Make sure to include all of the options you have included in the various drop downs.
8. Optionally, if you are using the Tags Widget, you can add some tags for your property.

How to Edit / Delete a property listing

1. The best way to manage your listings is by going to >>View All Listings. You can also see the property listings from within the standard Posts >> Edit page. Note the right column that notes whether the post is a listing or not.
2. Scrolling over the Post name, click on the property name that you want to edit, or select delete from the pop-up menu to delete the property.
3. Once you have finished editing the property (see How to add a listing above for more details), click on the Publish button to allow the changes to appear live on the site

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of WordPress is this theme compatible with?
We tested this theme with WordPress versions3.0+. We recommend using the latest stable version of WordPress.

Agent Photos are not showing up anywhere.

Things to check:

1. Make sure your “themename”/cache/ folder has “777” permissions. This is a common issue with some Hosting Providers.
2. If you are using HostGator as your web host, please ask them to “whitelist” your domain.
3. We are using the TimThumb.php file for auto thumbnail creation – you may want to search Google for your error with this file.

How do I manage my banner advertisement campaign?

Real Agent offers banner ad management settings. On the Theme Options page you can setup four 125×125 pixels images one 300×250 and 468×90 banner images.

Write the image url in the input field and place the link where this banner will point in the field below.

You can enable all banners together or each one individually.

Click “Save settings” and check your website.