Smart Coupons


Creating a Coupon

  1. Go to “YourStore→Coupons”.
  2. Add new coupons as usual – if you want to create credit based coupon – Store Credit or Gift Certificate, use “Store Credit / Gift Certificate” in type.Create credit

    Create credit

  3. Add other coupon details as usual
  4. Save the coupon!

Linking a Coupon with a Product

  1. Add a new product (or edit an existing one).
  2. Look for “Coupons” under “General” tab
  3. Start typing name of a coupon you want to give to your customer with this product
  4. Select the exact coupon from the suggestions displayed
  5. Add as many coupons as you wantAdd Coupon to Product

    Add Coupons to Product

  6. Set up price and other details for the main product
  7. Click ‘Update’ or ‘Publish’ to save the changes

Allowing coupon to “Auto Generate Unique Codes”

Any coupon can be used to as a “template” to auto generate new unique coupons – but with same attributes as the original coupon. This feature will increase security too, as people can’t share their coupons – as auto generated coupons are restricted to only customer’s email address.

To setup auto generation, follow these steps:

  1. Add a new coupon (or edit existing coupon).
  2. Look for “Auto Generation of Coupon”, check / enable it.Enable Auto-Generation

    Enable Auto-Generation

  3. Setup a prefix and / or suffix if you wish.
  4. Save the coupon!
  5. To associate this coupon with a product follow Linking a Coupon with a Product.

Adding Prefix / Suffix to coupon code

Prefix / Suffix will only be added when “Auto Generation of Coupon” is checked / enabled for that coupon.

Follow these steps to use this feature:

  1. Add a new coupon (or edit existing coupon).
  2. Look for “Auto Generation of Coupon”, check / enable it.
  3. Enter texts to be used as Prefix / Suffix in respective fieldsAuto Generate and Prefix Suffix to any Coupon

    Auto Generate and Prefix Suffix to any Coupon

  4. Save the coupon!
  5. To associate this coupon with a product follow Linking a Coupon with a Product.

Allow purchasing “Store Credit / Gift Certificate” of any amount

If you want to allow your customer to purchase “Store Credit / Gift Certificate” in an amount / denomination / quantity of their choice, you can follow these steps:

Setup for Coupon:

  1. Create / add a new coupon. Give it a title, say, “GenerateCalledStoreCredit”.
  2. Select “Discount type” as “Store Credit / Gift Certificate”. Leave “Coupon amount” as blank. (this is important)Create credit of custom amount - 1

    Create credit of custom amount – 1

  3. Check / enable “Pick Product’s Price?” option.Create credit of custom amount - 2

    Create credit of custom amount – 2

  4. Enter Prefix / Suffix if you want (optional).
  5. Save the coupon.

Setup for Product:

  1. Add or edit an existing “Simple Product”. Give this product a name, for example “Store Credit / Gift Certificate”.
  2. Leave “Regular Price” & “Sale Price” fields blank. (this is important)
  3. Look for “Coupons”. Search for & select coupon created in above step, say for example “GenerateCalledStoreCredit”.Configure product for custom credit amount

    1) Leave “Regular Price” & “Sale Price” blank. 2) Search for & associate coupon created for custom credit

  4. Save the product. That’s it! You are Done!

Now, your customer will be able to purchase “Store Credit / Gift Certificate” of any amount.

Note: This feature is compatible with Name your price

“Store Credit / Gift Certificate of any amount” in action

  1. Customer will visit that product’s page, which allows customer to purchase any amount’s credit.
  2. Customer will enter amount of credit he/she wants to purchase.Purchase credit of any amount - front end

    Purchase credit of any amount – front end

  3. They can increase the quantity, if they want to purchase more than one credit, for example they want to purchase credit for £600 & want to gift £300 each to 2 people, then customer will enter 300 in provided box & will increase quantity to 2.
  4. Now they will follow normal purchase process – Add to cart, checkout, payment etc.
  5. On checkout page, customer can enter receiver’s details, if they want to forward credit to someone else.Send credit to multiple e-mails

    1) Enter e-mail ids to which credit will be forwarded. 2) Credit’s value. 3) Any message if customer want to send along with credit

  6. After completion of payment, credit will get generated & will be forwarded via e-mail to respective receiver.
    E-mail to 1st FriendE-mail to 1st Friend
    E-mail to 2nd friend

    E-mail to 2nd friend

  7. The sender will be informed with acknowledgement e-mail.Acknowledgement to sender

    Acknowledgement to sender

Importing coupons in bulk through CSV file

Smart Coupons allows you to bulk import coupons using a structured CSV file.

  1. Go to “YourStore→Smart Coupon”, click on “Import Coupons” button under “Import Coupons” tab.
  2. Upload a CSV file using “Choose file” button. Click “Upload file & import” button. BTW, you will find a sample.csvfile in Smart Coupons folder within your WordPress install. You can use this as a starting point to create your import file.Select a file for import

    Select a file for import

  3. You’ll be asked to map fields from CSV file to its respective attributes, click “Submit” button to upload coupons. Wait till you get a message about importing.Map fields for coupons while importing

    Map fields for coupons while importing

Sending “Store Credit” to any user immediately from admin

  1. Go to “YourStore→Smart Coupon”, go to “Send Store Credit” tab.
  2. Enter “E-mail Id” & “Credit amount”, click “Send” button to send “Store Credit” immediately.
  3. You’ll get success message after sending “Store Credit”.Sent Credit Success

    Sent Credit Success

Miscellaneous Features

  • Duplicate existing coupon using “Duplicate” link.
  • Filter coupon’s list which is created for specific users by entering user’s e-mail id & “Email: ” as prefix to user’s e-mail.New features

    1) Filtering through E-mail. 2) Duplicate Coupon

  • “Apply Before Tax” for other discount type.Options for other discount types

    Options for other discount types

  • “Apply Before Tax” not applicable for “Store Credit / Gift Certificate”.Options for Store Credit

    Options for Store Credit

  • Customize “Subject” of the e-mail sent to customer from “YourStore→Settings” under “General” tab.Set subject for emails

    Set subject for emails

Go to “YourStore→Settings” from WordPress sidebar menu for additional settings for this plugin.